Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Refurbish an original gameboy

Gameboy original
My old gameboy, the jewel I dreamed of as a kid. And finally, I bought this 2nd hand gameboy, and really used it ... after all the commercials I've seen, I got mine..
Time passed (this one is dated 1989), so it needed a refurbish. I read a lot about restoring. Here the steps:

1. Disassemble the GB

This is the worst part. Taking apart a gameboy, has its tricks, the greater are the triwing screws. The simple way is to get a screwdriver triwing (, but there are two options:

Alternative A)Use a flash scredriver:

Alternative B) Make a triwing out of a pen:

Tried both, ended with using a flat screwdriver
My attemps

The disaster I made

I used bothe screwdrivers, one for getting the screw out (the first and hardest part) the other just to take it out.
The are 6 screws on the back of the case:
With patience and the links from above, you can figure out how to do this. The insides screws are cross, so no problem there.

2.Open Gameboy

Once open , need to separate de LCD ribbon, you will end up with this two sides:
After son screws: simple, start collecting plastics, to do the washing.

3. Washing

Get all the parts, and soak them into hot water with regular soap. Use a brush.
Before front

Before back.

4. Sulfated battery connectors 

Simply use water and soap. If any remains use a nail file to take the rest out.

5. Replacing parts

Most old GBs have some damage parts, mine only had the LCD screen cover, founded at amazon. other GBs have other parts to replace, see links below.

6. Re-assembly

Put all the parts together now.

More link to view:

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