Thursday, November 28, 2013

Satellite Gear Modding:Adding fans to AZAmerica s900 sat reciever + Ibox

The both of them run really hot, hands into matter, ordered two flat vga fans from aliexpress (THIS).

Az America s900:

Disconnect all equipment from AC !!!!!

Take out the cover, and disconnect the power source, and all other cable attached to work comfortably. Here we go!

 Once opened just locate some pins that can provide some acceptable voltage. See next picture, I found a 5v and ground. (5v will garantee a smooth operation)
 I simply pinched into the cables, before the entered the next connector, and tested. After that, I just simply attached up from the heat sink.

Always test, check, and then re fit all back togheter.


Disconnect all equipment from AC !!!!!
Simple 4 screw on the back of the box. 
Disassemble and you get this, there's the tiny heat sink.

The power jack is ideal, since ibox runs on 12v (check you power source), look at the back of the board, and use one of the holes to pass the cables to the back.
Once tested with which pins does it work, solder and test. Just to keep it on the safe side, you can add some glue-gun in order to isolate.
Once in position, see that the blades does not hit any component on the top board. I used some screws to attached the fan into the top cover.

Put the box together, and ready to go, if the fan is too noisy you can add a 10k potentiometer or a resistance.

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