Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Struggling with Wireless Charging for Iphone 4s

Yes, Iphone wireless charging inside iphone 4s, no big cover with the circuits.

I got motivated with this video:

Looks really cool and pretty convenient. So After watching this video, I got to shop some items: (all from amazon)

  • Back Cover to strip and fit the wireless receaver. Cover @ Amazon
  • Charge Port, since I might not get it right the first time and would want to break the original one. Charger Port @ Amazon
  • Wireless Charger: Complete kit (Mat and phone kit, it was for a blackberry but the output is the same, and it was dirty cheap). Wireless charger @ Amazon
Also started to investigate about the Iphone port, as to know what pins carry VCC and GND. Thank god to 

According to this video you should use 4 cables... my adaptor only has 2.

  1. Strip down the reciever and get the board clear out with no conectors, just the cables.
  2. Strip down a back cover, to have the reciever fit in, since its pretty slim wont take to much space.
    1. Strip down the parts into layers, theres the outter metalic layer, then theres a plastic layer, and the a metal covering from the inside. All layers are double-side-tape stucked togheter, that means, heat guns/blow dryers can help.
    2. Cut into the the middle plastic layer to fit the reciever (sorry I didnt take any pictures here)
After a few months working:
I must say, it a really difficult making it work. I totalled my battery trying to make it work.

Making it all fit inside the phone, is a cool idea but.... really hard to do it.

Also the wiring into the charging port.....its really small and precise... thank for I bought a replacement, and didn't broke mine. But also its really hard.

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