Monday, September 23, 2013

Embedding an RFID tag into a phone: not so simple

Embedding an RFID tag into a phone: not so simple

Inspired by this site I decided to have one of my rfid tag embedded into my iphone 4s, as to use is a master key on my future developments.

I started dissolving the tag with acetone, and while dissolving I started to read some documents on RFID antennas (link) great document, covers from the basics!

Let me tell you a couple of things about embeding

1) I dissolved 2 tags.... first one, stopped working.

2) The one I dissolved does not fit, and cant tear it apart. So, I'm not so happy, though this was going to be easy.

Working dissolved tag:

Not working tag:

Will keep update on the progress or abandonment of this project (quoting Murphy: If at first you don't succeed destroy all evidence that you ever tried. )


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