Saturday, September 7, 2013

Last goodies arrivedfrom china

Dx sure takes time in delivering nice Arduino and DIY toys in my country, but at last!!!!

Active Buzzer (DC 5V): simple great, to add some noise to our gadgets. Link

RF ID Proximity Token Tag Key Keyfobs Keychain - Blue + Silver (10 PCS): I've always wanted to start to explore on RFID, this is a great simple, cheap starting point. Link

Intelligent ID Card USB Reader: The crown jewel. =) Link This is a really cool item, this works as an input like a keyboard when it detects an RFID tag. 

This is my plan in mind, I was looking at this site. I wanted to start experimenting with replacing the antenna for a different one that could fit into a 1meter/5cm diameter PVC tube.

Stay tuned =)

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